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Course Description

Learn a clear and confident accent so that your English is easily understood.

How you will learn: the three-step process

The Clear Accent course contains 25 Practical Pronunciation Training lessons that will teach you all the sounds of English. Each lesson follows a three-step process.

  • Step One: Preparation Lessons

Each video preparation lesson is approximately 4 minutes long.

These lessons teach you how to articulate two different sounds. Learn how to make each sound by looking at diagrams and by listening closely. You will also practise the correct pronunciation of each sound by learning ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘difficult’ level vocabulary.

  • Step Two: Repeat-After-Me Lessons

Each video preparation lesson is approximately 10 minutes long.

When practising with these video lessons, you repeat-after-me short sentences and poems.

  • Step Three: Read aloud the Lesson Scripts

Each of the 25 lessons has a lesson script. Use these scripts for reading aloud practice.

Clear Accent Lectures

The Clear Accent course also contains easy to understand lectures on pronunciation. The lectures teach you the technical details of a clear accent. They are organised together as Unit One of the course, but you can study them whenever you like.

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Clear Accent Lectures
The Vowels
The Diphthongs
The Consonants Unit Four